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About us

"Dolly" Ltd. imports cleaning detergents, household supplies and cosmetics in Bulgaria, from Italy, England, Israel, France, China and Turkey. It is an official disrtibutor of one of some of the most prestigious brands in the area of both cosmetics and household supplies.

The company has longstanding contracts and works successfully with all the big trade chains in Bulgaria. Due to successful partnership with clients, the company guarantees stability and stretching of the market.

For shipment of the deliveries, the company uses own transport and if necessary the services of courier companies.

Sales representatives of Dolly Ltd. are working in all the regional centers of the country, which significantly facilitates the communication with the partners.

The company provides good marketing and PR strategy in order to support the products, aiming to launch and strengthen the brands represented by it in Bulgaria. Organizes events, promotional campaigns, attends exhibitions and advertisements in proper media, etc.

Striving for constantly developing and implementing its intentions, the team of Dolly Ltd. welcomes every new partner and client, trusted in our company mission.

We guarantee:

  • Excellent longstanding opportunities for successful and profitable business;
  • Distribution of world famous branded products;
  • Competitive prices and regular services;
  • Successful marketing and PR strategy;
  • Personal attention to every client of ours.

The partnership and work with Dolly Ltd. is a symbol of success!

Choose the future with us!

The future is as we make it! Together! Now!

We are waiting for you!